Love That's Easy

It's never too late for satisfying love!

Is this your reality?

Are you successful in your professional life, but not so much in your love life?

Do you come home alone at the end of the day and wonder, “What’s the point?”

Or do you feel trapped in a relationship where you just can't breathe?

Does your career bring you influence and respect... but romance feels like an uphill battle you just can’t win?

Does the loving relationship you want feel out of reach, and you can't seem to figure out why?

Well, it may not be your fault!

It could be that you’ve been programmed for failure in love...

Throughout our lives, harmful beliefs about our worth and what we deserve were instilled in us, often without our knowledge, by well-meaning family and friends, our culture, and society at large.

Even though consciously we may feel deserving of love and respect, it's our unconscious programming that actually makes 96% of all our decisions, including our relationship choices.

This is how hazardous hidden beliefs sabotage our chances for happiness, toe-curling passion, and life-affirming love!

You see, the unconscious part of your mind processes 20 million environmental stimuli per second, looking for proof that these hazardous beliefs are true! (Your conscious mind, by contrast, can only process 40 stimuli per second.)

You're stuck because you're acting based on detrimental beliefs that you're not even aware of…

See if you're inadvertently sabotaging the love you desire and deserve.

You'll be taken to your Love Resistance Score as soon as you're done. 

Shortly after, I'll email you a detailed Evaluation of what your quiz score means in regard to where you're at now.

Yes, it's possible to have the relationship you want... to be cherished, loved, and appreciated:

  • Even if you believe all the good ones are taken and you've given up on dating.
  • Even if you're contemplating divorce because you can't see how things could get better.
  • Even if the one you want won't commit, and you're almost ready to settle for less.

Success Stories

"This really worked for me."

After a terrible divorce, I convinced myself that I didn’t want a serious relationship with a man. I had no problem attracting men, but I had no role model for creating the real closeness of a deep, caring connection. Through Gladys’ program I learned valuable skills to step into my feminine power. I gained the awareness I needed to choose wisely… to remove my own subconscious barriers… to trust and expect to be loved. Then everything shifted! Suddenly, I am meeting and being introduced to wonderful men. I had 5 dates in 5 weeks, with 5 great guys! Choices… Choices!


"You won't see it till you believe it."

I came knowing I was attracting what I did NOT want, lacking the clarity of why. Working with Gladys helped me uncover the limiting beliefs driving my behavior and results. NOW I know how I can replace those thoughts and create the ideal relationship for me! I feel empowered… certain and excited to experience true love, passion, and harmony in my romantic relationship.

TASHA CHEN  //  Chief Inspirational Officer, www.scienceofgettingrichacademy.com

It's a lifesaver.  I'm so thankful."

Gladys totally delivered what she promised! Gladys broke down each inspiring idea she taught, into a simple step by step process which I could understand and implement. I felt totally supported and less isolated… It’s not fun trying to figure this out alone. Gladys helped me realize and replace unwanted subconscious beliefs which were blocking love in my life.  I'm astonished by how quickly things completely shifted. I had the best conversation ever with my husband last night… confusion lifted, the feeling of love returned!

SUSAN REED  //  Implementation Project Manager

Take the next step toward finding the love you really want.
Love that's satisfying. Love That's Easy.

You only need one man to love you
but him to love you free like a wildfire,
crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow,
sudden like an inhale and overcoming like the tides.
Only one man and all of this.

-C Joybell C

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