June 27

2019… Flip your Thinking to Find New Freedom!


I recently shed some tears while thinking about past disappointments… but I’m done now!  Although life sometimes has its challenge and heartbreak… freedom from all this requires but one thing:  Give it up!

Yes, give up the desire for things to be different.  (That’s the secret to living free of resentment in life and relationships)

But HOW exactly do you do this?

  • All that needs to shift is the purpose we have assigned to these struggles… and THAT we can control!
  • Think of it this way:  Their purpose is to offer contrast to poignantly point out what we don’t want, so we can more clearly define what we do want.  
  • The stronger the emotion, the deeper the discomfort… the closer we are to uncovering our heart’s true desire.  Now we can take inspired action in support of ourselves.

Find New Freedom

So, don’t be afraid of tears and don’t let them tear you apart inside. 

Divorce can clear the decks for greater love… A lost job can begin a journey towards better opportunity… An empty nest can offer freedom if you spread your wings and decide to take flight!

Here is today’s NUGGET:   2019…Flip your Thinking to Find New Freedom!

  • Reframe what aches
  • Redefine its effect on your life
  • Forgive even if you can’t forget… (silently free yourself!)

Be determined to see things differently, to see yourself thriving instead of just surviving! 

This is true self-determination and it leads to liberty in all areas of your life and your relationships.

Now go create a Happy New Year in 2019!


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