January 6

3 Things to Know for More Love in 2019!


Images of family celebration still warm my heart as I start to take down the holiday decorations… to box up 2018 and clear the way for 2019!

I reflect on years gone by and feel grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in my life to start over… for the freedom to move in new directions, to explore, to fail, to get up and choose again!

Here is today’s NUGGET- It’s a New Year!  Go make 2019 your best year ever… Create even more love, health, wealth and happiness!

  1. Grasp that love, health, wealth and happiness are your birthright.  Einstein said that everything came from one radiant energy… You are an individualized expression of this Infinite energy, so all it’s attributes are who you are too… they are your inheritance!
  2. Know that the best is yet to come.  Faith leads to belief, belief leads to action, and action leads to results!
  3. Remember…

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start…  everyone can start from and make a brand new ending.”                                            

-Carl Bard



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