About Me

Gladys Marie Clancy is a relationship expert, speaker, published author, and active dreamer.

Over the years, Gladys has learned how to develop a lasting romantic relationship full of joy, ease, and loving connection.

Her goal is to empower other women to do the same!

You Can Do This!  You can be in love and be happy!
And you don't have to figure it out alone.

For the past 35 years, Gladys has helped thousands of people find clarity and happiness in their life:

  • To find fulfilling love, a romantic partner who is kind, fun, emotionally available-- someone wanting real love and commitment.  And then to create an environment that inspires love to last. (By the way, it's not true that all the good ones are taken!)

  • To save their marriage when disillusionment and discontent was making happiness feel impossible. 

  • To go through divorce with dignity, and move on without bitterness.

  • To help people reinvent themselves and start over with reclaimed confidence, even in the midst of frustration and uncertainty.

Gladys' techniques are sought out because they work!  Her simple and “straight to the point” process is embraced by people around the world.

Through her coaching, students learn immediately usable steps that take their relationships and their lives to the next level.


After my own devastating divorce, I just wanted to finally be the woman who attracts and keeps a good man…  A high-quality guy who adored me and wouldn’t do anything to mess this up! 

I thought I had healed. I thought I was ready to move on. But after several disastrous attempts to find lasting love, I realized in the pit of my stomach that the common denominator in all of this heartbreak was me!

And if anything was going to change, I needed to figure out why I kept ending up unhappy!

  • I sought out experts in neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality.
  • I prayed, meditated and went into the silence to hear the small still voice within.
  • I became my own case study, applying what I learned to my own life situation.

Eventually I got it!  I was finally able to see and replace my own barriers to love.

I figured out how to heal my hurts, mend my doubts, and ultimately shift my results!   

Yes, I was finally able to sort out the bad apples; to attract and keep the loving man I cuddle with at night… A man who adores me.  

A man who yesterday, looked me in the eye and said, “I value your insights so much.” Imagine someone not just appreciating dinner, but valuing your insights, your thoughts!

My Life Has Transformed!  I've been happily remarried for 23 years!

Now let me be honest here, I’m not saying there hasn’t been frustration, conflicting viewpoints, and even hurt feelings.

What I am saying is that I’ve uncovered ways to get through these obstacles to peace—past these barriers that often trip people up so they fall out of love.

Using these methods, I created a simple blueprint for building the love I desire!

I now know that it's possible to find my way back to love when life leads me astray, and I've learned how to prevent a lot of needless pain and confusion in the first place!

I have witnessed first hand that it's possible to be adored, supported and appreciated by the man in my life—and I'm certain that all of this is possible for you too!

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship...
It’s how you respond to the imperfections
that makes it perfect!

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