July 6

Benefits of Emotional Train Wreck Songs


Happiness is talking to yourself
and laughing at how weird you are!

There is much good to be said, for emotional train wreck songs!

Maybe you are not ready to feel the flow of love moving through you, just yet. Maybe the heartbreak is still too fresh… the disappointment still too raw. 

Well, the first step in healing is to admit how you authentically feel right now, in the thick of it all… in the middle of this relationship misery!

Years ago, while I was going through a very painful divorce, my wise and wonderful, then 13-year old niece, gave me this song to cheer me up.  

It certainly got to the core of my anger and confusion… and allowed me to laugh at a time when there was very little to laugh about.

Neuroscience has proven that through laughter, endorphins are released increased… and the stress hormone cortisol is reduced

The result:   you feel happier, less stressed, you make better decisions, are less impulsive, more at peace.

Imagine that… acknowledging upset actually helps it go away!  Wallowing (for a brief time) in the pain actually helps it to heal! 

The secret is to love yourself; all of you… the good, bad, and the ugly… the sane as well as the crazy parts of yourself. 

This stops the need to justify, cover up, or pretend. You can look at your relationship with honesty. 

Train Wreck Songs

If you decide that what you are feeling doesn’t serve you you can choose again:

  • Choose a different perception of the situation
  • Choose a different response
  • Choose a different partner, if need be!  

But you have choices. You are not a powerless victim.

So go ahead, enjoy this wicked-crazy, irreverent, little song. Go ahead sing out loud, shout, wave your fists in the air, stomp your foot down! 

It’s OK to feel stuck… and even better to move past it, to let it all go and move on without bitterness. 

Until then, allow this sick little gem to make you laugh!

If this song is too over-the-top for youI will surviveby Gloria Gaynor… or RESPECT… by Aretha Franklin are also good, cathartic choices! 

Enjoy the release of endorphins! Soon you’ll feel liberated! Soon you’ll hear music in your own heart again!

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.” Angela Monet

Let your heart sing again!


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