June 28

Dump the New Year’s Resolutions!


New Year’s Resolutions often evoke thoughts of struggle, deprivation and sacrifice!  Who wants that?  

And who can really commit to something they don’t want to do. No wonder most New Year’s Resolutions die by end of January.

This year I’ll express my hopes and dreams for New Year’s EVOLUTION!

  • Even more vitality is what I want to feel… Losing a few pounds is part of the “how”.
  • Even more ease and fulfillment is what I want to experience… Serving more people, growing my business is part of how I’ll create it.
  • Even more happiness, connection, and love are what I want to fill my life… Surrounding myself with people who think positive thoughts about me, about life itself… that is the ultimate form of support, the best form of love.

New Year’s Resolutions

I feel the shift. Instead of me making life happen, I allow life to happen to me! 

I simply define a destination that inspires me… Clarity itself causes an obvious path to unfold. 

Instead of using will power, I rely on inner-wisdom and ask, “What is it that’s mine to do?  How should I do it?  What’s the next step?”

My job is to define the reason for positive action.  The “what” has to come before the “how”.  

And of course, the realization of all this does not begin with tough work requirements, but with strong worth awareness.  

That’s the catalyst… to know I deserve all this, that I am worthy of even better relationships, greater happiness, more fitness, success, ease, and love!  

Then what’s needed evolves from that recognition… and the actions I need to take become clear to me.

Create your own New Year’s EVOLUTION!

  • Define what you want
  • Know you are worthy
  • Act in support of yourself



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