June 26

How the Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs of Women Advance Business and Culture


If they don’t give you a seat at the table…
bring a folding chair.
-Shirley Chisholm-

It seems so obvious that having women in leadership positions offers an important window into the mind of half the population of humanity!  

Yet here we are still striving for gender parity.

Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievement…But progress towards gender parity has slowed in many places.

The World Economic Forum now predicts, at current rates of progress, it may take another 202 years to close the economic gender gap globally.

This reality affects the quality of life of everyone… men as well as women.  It affects business success, political perspectives, and cultural advancement.  

The greater global community is profoundly impacted when women are not included in decision making, creative input, soul searching.

But many global CEO’s are leading the way with a different perspective…

“Any effort to advance gender equality must start with basic equal rights. Women struggle for equality every day, in every nation, in both the developing and developed world…

In many places, women are still restricted in their ability to make independent economic decisions, to travel freely, to drive a car or to file for divorce,” writes the Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson.

“The companies across the Virgin Group strive to promote a climate of diversity and inclusion, with many of the businesses being led by females in what might typically be deemed male-dominated industries.”

What are your thoughts on this subject?

  • How can the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of women advance business… marketing, human relations, technology, innovation?
  • How can the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of women advance politics… global leadership, the possibility of world peace?
  • How can the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of women advance culture… and the poetry of the global soul?

And here’s another question…

How can you really love when you aren’t free…                                                              when your talents aren’t accepted, valued, respected?

I feel open discussion is essential.  It requires people to examine their own thinking in order to express their own opinion.  Your ideas matter!  Express them.


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