July 9

Part 2- Quick Fix to Prevent an Angry Argument!


Inspire him to get a grip on his emotions…
This stirs him to slay his own dragon within.
-Gladys Marie Clancy-

Let me start off by saying, I love my husband!  He is wonderful.

Yet the other day, as he was helping me with a computer glitch (a problem I could not fix alone), my wonderful husband became angry and impatient. As he spoke, an uncomfortable chill numbed my body.

I Had a Choice to Make…

Did I want to criticize and complain… and in effect, throw gasoline on the fire!  Or was the relationship more important than the grievance?

I took a deep breath, counted to 10, then…

  1. I chose to understand his reason for frustration- (a time crunch, and the stress of giving up other things he needed to be doing… which was causing the irritation and aggressive attitude)
  • I chose to sincerely appreciate what he was doing for me. (Understand a man needs appreciation like he needs oxygen.)
  • I chose to say,

Prevent an Angry Argument

“I know you have so much to do today… and I want you to know, I really appreciate your helping me with this.”

And guess what… his impatient, pushy tone of voice melted away into nothingness!

I mean it literally disappeared without confrontation! And he was ready to work for as long as it took, to do whatever needed to be done!

This was not manipulation… It was simply giving love, where love was needed most

And this choice I made, inspired him to slay his own dragon within!


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